Superior Tray
Superior Tray
Cable Bus Systems
Industrial VFD’s
Industrial Softstarts
Falcon Electric
Falcon Electric
On Line UPS
Voltage & Frequency Converters
Auto Voltage Regulators
Ground fault monitoring
Ground check relays
Ark Flash relays
JMS Supply
Koz Blocks
Self extinguishing in the event of a fire
High mechanical strength
Wide temperature range; -40ºC to +135ºC and short temperatures up to +210ºC
UV resistant
Economically priced
Available in a wide variety of sizes
Easy to install
North Shore Safety
North Shore Safety
GFI protected devices
Multiple selections to choose from
Phase Technologies
Phase Technologies
Digital Phase Converters
Phase converting VFD’s
Serge Baril
Serge Baril
Industrial and Commercial heat tracing
CSA approved in-pipe heat trace
Technical assistance
Sol X Led
Sol X Led
LED lamps and fixtures

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